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A Golden Family Treasure Hunt

Thank you for participating in our family treasure hunt on-site at Gold River Camp...

We hope you are having fun exploring the grounds.

In case you're stumped on any clues, here's a cheat sheet, parents, just for you!

In-room starter clue:

To begin the hunt and collect your prize

Solve the riddle and go where it lies:

I’m sometimes seen on a hook but I’m not a coat

I have a tail but I’m not a dog

I have scales but I don’t weigh things

I can be eaten with chips but I’m not salsa

I can be caught in a net but I’m not a butterfly

I live in water but I’m not a frog

Answer: The Fish Pond (located just below the covered back deck of the largest guest cabin).

Clue 1:

I hope you're haven't fun with this little game

You'll find the next clue where wood turns to flame

Answer: The Fire Pit (located at the communal fire pit in the picnic area beside the pavilion - clue is mounted to the wood frame on the river side of the fire pit).

Clue 2:

You want the next clue? I'll give you one!

You'll find it where The burgers get done

Answer: The Grilling Deck (the larger deck located near the fish pond - clue is mounted on the outside of the deck)

Clue 3:

The next clue is easily seen

If you go the the place

Where you make your hands clean

Answer: Bath House Sink (look at the bottom)

Clue 4:

The game's getting harder, it is quite the feat

You'll find the next clue where birds go to eat

Answer: Bird House (it's hanging from a black post across from the picnic area - clue is mounted to the back side of the post at the bottom)

Clue 5:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Find the next clue

Where you shampoo

Answer: The Shower (mounted to the inside of the deck posts)

Clue 6:

Here's the last clue, I am told

You're looking for something covered in gold:

Look near where groups gather to eat

At the center of camp you'll find a treat

Answer: You are looking for a large, gold painted mailbox. It is located on the back side (toward the river) of the pavilion, OUTSIDE the pavilion. Please allow your kiddos to enjoy one treat each. Let me know if they are getting low, I'm sure I'll forget to monitor it from time to time:)

We hope you all had a ton of fun!!

Please share your photos of the adventure with us on social media


and recommend the fun to other parents with kids, we'd love to meet them, too!!


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